Horseman SW-612 Medium Format Panorama Camera Body

Precision Metal Construction
Lenses From 35-135mm
6×7, 6×9, & 6×12 Film Backs
Made in Japan

$1,000.00 $1,599.00

Horseman has designed a complete 6×12 system in their SW-612, pairing six exceptional Rodenstock lenses (ranging from 35mm to 135mm) with their own fine roll film backs (available in three formats) and an accurate, bright viewfinder. The result is a supremely professional batteryless system camera, rugged and travellable with image quality that is enviable from even the best of digital cameras.

The stout body is designed with rubber grips, two camera strap lugs and a built-in spirit level. An optional lens guard mounts under the camera, while the finder with interchangeable masks mounts on the top-mounted “cold” accessory shoe.

Horseman’s 120 roll film holders mate perfectly to the back of the camera, offering a choice of 6×7, 6×9, or 6×12 cm formats and an optional ground glass back for precise composition. Both the focusing scales and the spirit level are visible through the viewfinder.

Other accessories include a neckstrap and center neutral density filter to even out the exposure with wide angle lenses.

Compact and lightweight; 1.57kg, for camera, finder, 6×12 holder and 45mm lens
6x12cm, the format of the future
120 degree angle of view; Equivalent focal length of 11.5mm in a 35mm format
Masks included with viewfinder for all 3 lenses
Optional groundglass back and lens guard
3 interchangeable film backs
Practical for shooting handheld

In the Box
Horseman SW-612 Medium Format Panorama Camera Body
1-Year Limited Warranty

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Horseman SW-612 Specs

Type 6x12cm format (2-1/4 x 4-1/2″) panoramic camera with interchangeable lenses, viewfinder and film backs
Lens Mount Helicoid focusing mounted on special boardOptional Lenses

  • Rodenstock Apo-Grandagon 35mm F4.5
  • Rodenstock Apo-Grandagon 45mm F4.5
  • Rodenstock Apo-Grandagon 55mm F4.5
  • Rodenstock Grandagon N 65mm F4.5
  • Rodenstock Grandagon N 90mm F6.8
  • Rodenstock Apo-Sironar-N 135mm F5.6
Film Advance Rollfilm holder film advance lever
Viewfinder Optional 5-element covers a maximum viewing angle of 105 degrees with interchangeable finder masks matched to different focal lengths
Shutter Mechanical leaf type in lens with speeds from 1 sec to 1/500 sec + B and T
Film 120 rollfilm 6 exposures with 6×12 back, 8 exposures with 6×9 back and 10 exposures with 6×7 back
Flash Sync X sync all speeds up to 1/500 sec
Flash Via PC socket on lens
Miscellaneous Built-on viewfinder
Dimensions 6.5 x 4x 5.2″ (164 x 103 x 133 mm) (WHD) Camera body, 6×12 film back and 45mm lens without finder. 6.5″ (166 mm) height with viewfinder
Weight 3.46lbs. (1.57kg) body, 6×12 back, 45mm lens and viewfinder
Optional Accessories
  • #22463 SW Roll Film Holder 6×12
  • #22455 SW Roll Film Holder 6×9
  • #22456 SW Roll Film Holder 6×7
  • #21461 SW Ground Glass Back
  • #21462 SW Lens Guard
  • #21463 SW Professional Lens Guard
  • #21465 SW Professional Tripod Base
  • #21471 SW Neck Strap
  • #29225 Center Filter E67 +2.5
  • #29227 Center Filter E58 +1.5Finder Masks
  • 35mm (#21514)
  • 45mm (#21515)
  • 55mm (#21516)
  • 65mm (#21517)
  • 75mm (#21518)
  • 90mm (#21519)
  • 135mm (#21520)Pre-Shifted Mask Set for 10mm Rise/Fall/Shift
  • 35mm (#21524)
  • 45mm (#21525)
  • 55mm (#21526)
  • 65mm (#21527)
  • 75mm (#21528)
  • 90mm (#21529)
Packaging Info
Package Weight 1.18 lb
Box Dimensions (LxWxH) 9.15 x 4.5 x 2.9″

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